Over the weekend my suitemate Izzy turned 20! Thus we embarked on a journey along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) for some quality roommate/suitemate bonding.

Our first stop was the Malibu Pier, which houses the beautiful Malibu Farms. We stopped at Urth in Santa Monica along the way, so didn’t get the chance to eat there. However, my friends and I all decided it was an absolute must to return there again and grab brunch on the beach!

The weather was absolutely perfect (mid 70’s with a bit of a breeze). I opted for an off the shoulder top, jeans, and sneakers since we planned on doing a bit of a hike later on in the day.

After the pier, we drove to Point Dume. As you can tell, the top of the dume was quite windy. Thankfully I grabbed my trench coat before we hiked up to the top. (Fun Fact: Point Dume signifies the northern end of the Santa Monica Bay.)

Our last stop was El Matador beach. We arrived just in time for the Golden Hour! The beach was so serene and not that many people were there (much to our surprise). I feel like year round, socal beaches are always busy. Out of all our stops, El Matador was my favorite. As the sun began to set, my friends and I laid out a blanket and watched the sun disappear on the horizon together.


I’m so glad my friends and I got the chance to explore Malibu together. It was definitely an unforgettable day. Happy Birthday Newt ❤


What I’m Wearing:
Top – Korea
Trench Coat – Zara (similar)
Jeans – Madewell
Shoes – Nike
Sunglasses – Givenchy

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