Two words, Thirteen Letters, synonymous with fear/pain/tragedy: MIDTERM SEASON

As a college student in the quarter system, Week 4 marks a tragic time in my life. It’s easy to get extremely caught up in the no-sleep-must-study cycle, but with good friends (and uber) breaks between classes can turn into a mind vacay.

My friend and I headed to the Getty Villa in between classes this past week. Not only was the weather perfect (70’s in January !!!!), but the Villa was calm and quiet, with the perfect amount of tourists passing through.


The Getty Villa, located on the southern end of Malibu, is “an educational center and museum dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria” (according to its Wikipedia). The Villa itself sits atop a hill, boasting views of Malibu and PCH. My favorite part of the Villa was undoubtedly the towering marbled walls, similar to the architecture that can be found at the Getty Museum. Deeper into the grounds, there are carefully crafted pillars and different moasic-esque floors as well.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this red-hued peacock mosaic seemed particularly relevant.



Cheers to weekday getaways, the start of midterm season, and the groundhog seeing his shadow (does this mean it’ll start getting cold again?)

What I’m Wearing:
Jumpsuit – Nordstrom (similar)
Sandals – Steve Madden


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