I see LA

UCLA’s Spring Quarter is the most unique of them all. Waves of newly admitted students frolic throughout the campus amongst flurries of graduating seniors taking grad photos at the most iconic campus scenes. There is a slight hint of summer with a gentle touch of nostalgia, as a full school year is gearing to take its last lap around the track. Yet with every new quarter, there’s a sense of bittersweetness – as if I’m saying goodbye to the preceding quarter like a relative waving goodbye to her visiting family and friends.

But that’s enough with the extended metaphors. There’s another feeling I want to highlight; I feel optimistic. With new starts brings new growth, challenges, and the chance to continue to enhance your current self, sharpening your strengths and hacking away at any weakness. I wish this ambition stayed with me in every season of my life.

College is an emotional brawl; but with every struggle and burden I am made stronger. And with that, my optimism and ambition for the future exponentially grows.

After much reflection, I’ve narrowed down what I believe to be the biggest thing I’ve learned in the past academic year (note: I find it both laughable and unsurprising that I’ve learned the most valuable lessons outside of the classroom). To be rigid in my goals, but flexible in the path to get there – this is the foundation of my professional ambitions. To not be nice, but kind – this is my personal objective.


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