Banquet Blues

I never fully understood the glory of banquets until I became a college student (for those not in college, allow me to break it down for you):
Banquets =
a) free food (and REALLY high quality food to say the least)
b) the nicest you will see all of your friends dressed up, like, ever (no sweatpants allowed)
c) a time to celebrate the year coming to an end, and bid farewell to your favorite seniors

With that being said, post-banquet depression is real. That feeling of nostalgia really kicks in when the pictures from the night are uploaded a few days later. Speaking of pictures, here are a collection of some of my favorite pics from banquets in the past few months (and a few of my fav recent dress purchases too):



Suede Navy Blue Dress (similar)

Two-Piece Burgundy Dress (similar)


Kimchi Blue Lavender Dress (similar)

I bought these dresses from Nordstrom/Urban Outfitters about 3 months ago… can’t believe they’ve switched out their inventory already 🙄

Fashion never stops moving, does it?


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