Sneaky Sneaky

In the 6th grade, I remember begging my mom to take me to the mall so I could buy a pair of turquoise and white DC Sneakers. While this isn’t my greatest fashion moment, I do appreciate the oh so perilous journey the sneaker has trekked (pun intended) in the past decade. As the infamous Yeezy Boost 350 reminds us, sneakers have become a large part of the luxury sector. And although it baffles me that a simple shoe can reach such a high price, I will continue to dream of Balenciaga’s High Top while rocking my Adidas ones instead.

But (!!) a paid summer internship means extra $ to buy some frivolous items, these Here & Now Pom Pom Sneakers making the top of my list (side note: my coworker insisted on petting my shoes when I wore these to the office, referring to them as the “office pet” lol). Peep how I styled these very extra sneakers below:



I tripped in the elevator the other day which created that bruise lol

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