VMAs What’s Good

This past Sunday I was given the opportunity to cover the red carpet at MTV’s iconic Video Music Awards (VMAs). Red carpets are always funny given that pre-show press is like one big machine. Stars line the carpet, take photos, then (if they choose to do so) make their rounds to their preferred press outlets. Publicists are also constantly asking outlets if they’re interested in speaking to their client.


Badges are the holy grail for any press junket – the more badges you have, the cooler you are (aka you have more access to different parts of the event).

Red Hair for the Red Carpet  😉

Since I was reporting on behalf of HerCampus, I “vlogged” the entire thing. You can watch that video here.

We were reporting for about an hour, when Miley and Noah Cyrus’ publicist came up to us with #HappyHippie merch and tickets to the show! She must’ve liked our ~young n fun~ vibe (we were definitely the youngest members of the press), so she gave us some swag and asked us to post it on our social media in an attempt to “get Noah back into the top 20” (lol). Also featured, a boy band with an uncanny resemblance to another former boy band 🐸☕️ . Unfortunately, no British accents were heard during their interview.


Going to the VMAs was one of the highlights of my summer! As a former PR intern, it was neat being on the other side of the industry – I always gain a lot of perspective when covering entertainment industry events.


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