Brunch & Bougie

I spent this past summer in LA as a intern for a PR agency on Melrose (how picture-esque does that sound), which meant all my friends from back home were forced to come and visit me (mwahaha). Kelly came for the weekend, and needless to say it was the most basic weekend I’ve ever spent in LA.


On Friday night, we met up at Gracias Madre, a Vegan Mexican Restaurant in WeHo with killer cactus tacos and guacamole.


We started off the next day with Brunch at Bondi Harvest, my absolute favorite brunch place in LA. Bondi Harvest likes to remind customers that it’s Australian-inspired, although I’m still not exactly sure what that means (koalas?).

File_005Nothing makes my heart flutter like Rosé Lemonade

Afterwards, Kelly reallllllly wanted to go to Carerra’s, a trendy café known for its customizable latte art. Carerra’s has had its fair share of screen time lately – it was prominently featured in a couple episodes of Life of Kylie on E!

File_003 (1)

Ironically, Carrera’s is right across the street from my office, so on my day off, I literally spent the day around my office (this is a true testament of how much I love/tolerate? Kelly lol).

Our last stop was LACMA – every basic girl’s dream.


Even though we’re in a long distance best friendship (hahahaha), we always manage to pick up right where we left off. I guess distance truly makes the heart grow fonder…


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