Keepin’ it Hunnid

This past week in LA was an absolute mess. From 100 degree heat and me feeling like a literal ball of sweat, to low 60’s and that weird wet thing that falls from the sky (we socal people do not really understand the concept of rain), my fashion choices have gone from 0-100 real quick. But the crazy relapse of summer heat allowed me to bust out my favorite find of the summer, this Silence + Noise Strapless Culotte Jumpsuit.  Although these pictures don’t do the bottom half of this outfit justice, I really love the upper part of this piece, especially the strapless cut. Made of the softest material and incredibly breathable (not to mention totally effortless chic), I was dreaming about the day I could bust this out of my closet. Who knew that day would be in October?

4-up on 10-24-17 at 2.13 PM #5 2.20.07 PM

4-up on 10-24-17 at 2.14 PM #18 2.20.07 PM


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