Dust Yourself Off

In high school, I always envisioned my 20 something self as “Katie: The Young Working Professional.” A typical day? Me serving a look in a pinstripe pantsuit, holding some sort of overpriced caffeinated drink in one hand and a manila folder in the other. Inside that folder? Obviously copies of the excel spreadsheet I tirelessly worked on the day before that will ultimately contribute to closing the biggest deal our company has ever seen. Okay, maybe I’ve set my eyes a little too high on what I will accomplish in my early professional career, but this is the life I’d dreamed of living ever since I was 15.

Looking back at the past couple years of my life, I’ve realized this dream job has gone through multiple revisions. During a particularly rough week this past summer, I felt as though all my career ambitions were wrong; I felt as if I had put all my hard work and ambitions to succeed in vain. I felt uncertain with an overwhelming urge to completely change the “life path” I had carved out. It took some time, reflection, and a knock in my ego to realize what prompted this sense of fear: I was (and to be honest, still am) afraid to fail.

But if there’s a time to fail, it’s now. I’ve realized it’s so easy to slip into comfort and familiarity – one of the greatest things I fear in life is being content. And as much as I wish to live life easily and comfortably, if I choose to live like that now, then what does that make of my future? (Note: this is in no way condoning a lifestyle of terrible suffering and self-inflicted torture) What fun is it to choose the easy path, when you haven’t tried the harder one first?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog post, but I think it’s something along the lines of “take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” Failure is inevitable to say the least; without it, there is no room to learn or grow. With this in mind, let’s hope to fail fast, learning the most from our mistakes, utilizing these lessons to strengthen and develop who we are as people in the future.


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