A month ago my friend and I went to the LANY concert at the Wiltern in Ktown! LANY was absolutely incredible live and his performance of Herricane made me miss the ex I never had. With that being said, I thought I’d round up my favorite simp jams (and a few other bangers) that kept me going throughout the end of the year. Happy listening~

  1. 1 Night (feat Charli XCX)Ā ā€“ Mura Masa
  2. Missing YouĀ ā€“ BTOB
  3. Text MeĀ ā€“ DPR Live
  4. Super FarĀ ā€“ LANY
  5. ģ‹œź°„ģ„ ź±°ģŠ¬ėŸ¬ (Back in Time)Ā ā€“ Lyn
  6. Someone That Loves YouĀ ā€“ HONNE
  7. Instagram ā€“ Dean
  8. In the MorningĀ ā€“ NAO
  9. ILYSB (Stripped)Ā ā€“ LANY


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