Très Chic

I spent my Spring Break in Paris and was in awe by Parisian fashion, lifestyle, and of course, French baguettes. Exploring this beautiful city was more than enough to revive my love for travel and fashion, particularly how effortlessly chic everything seemed to be. Follow along as I document my travels to my newest favorite city.

My favorite thing about Paris was undoubtedly the narrow streets that could be found in every corner of the city. It’s such a different type of design than the streets of LA.


The museum I was most excited to visit was Musée de l’Orangerie, home to the stunning Monet panels that Monet personally suggested be displayed as a series in two consecutive oval rooms.



Continuing with museums, Paris has an absolutely ridiculous amount, and the Louvre is the mecca of them all. My brother and I tried to take that classic “look I’m holding the pyramid” picture, but it was way harder than we thought (or maybe my brother is a bad photographer? haha).

We barely scratched the surface, spending only a few hours here, but each corridor is absolutely incredible, lined with art dating back to thousands of years ago.

Of course the Eiffel Tower was also a must-see, and again is one of many locations that felt surreal to look at in person. It was smaller than I imagined but nonetheless I never got tired of looking at it.

Of course, no trip to Paris would be complete without visiting 31 Rue Cambon, the flagship Chanel store home to Coco Chanel’s original apartment. The iconic staircase was so cool to see in real life and the perfect way to end my week in Paris.


Au revior,


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