WoOOah We’re Halfway there

With less than 5 weeks of Spring Quarter (and 5 weeks until the end of my junior year!!!!) I figured it was time to sit down and reflect on the past few weeks. Not only is my quarter halfway done, but the year is (almost) halfway through. Crazy, huh?

Halfway points are kinda weird – whether it be academic calendars, years, or TV series – they’re always a little bittersweet. The whole “you have the same (or less) amount of time left as you started”? Bizarre. (But hey, life is transient, right?) At the same time, it always motivates me to really think clearly about my past actions and try to be as intentional as possible with whatever remains.

So, here’s a list of things I’ve learned (and re-learned) in the past 5 weeks:

  1. Sometimes, situations happen that are completely out of your control. However, you DO have control in choosing how to react to those situations. And oftentimes, the way you react will be more important than the situation itself.
  2. Patience is one of the hardest traits to have. But with practice, it gets easier.
  3. In retrospect, many things seem easier than they actually were. Don’t invalidate your feelings or accomplishments because they were in the past.
  4. Do not underestimate the power of God’s timing. It’s very real.

And as a bonus: 5. It is better to scratch your car by hitting a pole than hitting another car. (This is a very hypothetical situation, I totally did not scratch my new car within the first 2 months of getting it, right?)

So cheers to making it halfway through the quarter (and almost halfway through 2018). Here’s to almost being done with school, the end of the worst allergy szn in the history of LA, and endlessly warm summer nights.


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