I’ll Take 1 Chuck Bass, Please

The Empire. An iconic place for any Gossip Girl lover, and the infamous home to the ever-more infamous Chuck Bass. My best friend Kelly and I have binged watched GG more times than we can count, so now that the two of us are finally 21 (and happened to be in the city) we knew getting drinks at the Empire would be a must this past week.


Jumpsuit – Aritzia

After drinks and dinner at Avra Estiatorio (their fish is to die for),  Kelly and I made a quick stop at Rite-Aid to stock up on some must-haves before a wild night in. Our shopping list included the essentials: Corn Pops Cereal, Fiji Water, and sour gummy worms. And being the extra people that we are, we decided a little Rite-Aid x Huji photoshoot couldn’t hurt 😉

2018-08-20 23:40:45.421

2018-08-20 23:37:24.119

We spent the rest of our night binge-watching Sex in the City and trying to figure out why Mr. Big is called Mr. Big. It’s safe to say we had a wild night.



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