Beginning of the End

With the start of my senior year approaching, I’ve decided to sit down and outline a few of my #senioryeargoals I hope to achieve before walking across the stage in Pauley and receiving my ever so illustrious $200k diploma.

  1. “Be as you wish to seem” – If I learned anything in college, it’s that I will never be completely satisfied with myself. And that’s okay, because great power lies in discontentment. Harnessing in on the positive aspect of discontent to turn it into motivation is something I’ve learned heavily over the past 3 years; focusing on what you wish to be instead of staying put in your current situation allows for great growth. You are never “stuck” in life – you always have the power to change your situation.
  2. “In between goals is a thing called life that needs to be enjoyed” – Sometimes I overwhelmingly throw myself at a goal to the point that nothing else seems to exist. And while this may be great if you’re trying to level-up in a video game, real life can be a bit different. Instead of solely focusing on the outcome, there’s power in focusing on the means to which you achieved your goal. And like I always say — one must be rigid with their goals, but flexible in their means to get there 😉
  3. “Stop! Overthinking!” – Ah, the hardest one of them all. One moment I can be thinking about what I’m going to wear tomorrow, and the next moment I’m planning out how big the closet needs to be in my future 4 bedroom 3 bathroom West LA home in order to fit all my clothes (ps it’s going to need to be, like, really big). Jokes aside, there’s a certain point where planning can turn a bit poisonous, especially when the future contains so many unknowns. So instead of meticulously trying to plan life, let’s enjoy more of what is known in the present.
  4. “Smol Regrets Only” – It’s foolish to think one can live their life with absolutely no regrets. So instead, I’d like to take the L’s in my life under my accord, doing whatever it takes to make them as small (or smol) as possible. IE if this means choosing to go to R Bar instead of Rocco’s because I know if I don’t go out I’ll end up binge-watching Queer Eye and asleep by 9pm, then by all means I’ll take it.
  5. “Prioritize your love” – Sounds a little harsh, right? Watching people graduate has allowed me to realize the realities of college, high school, or anytime a “chapter” of your life ends. In the end, whether it be your geographic location, your career, or simply your loss in feelings, very few relationships remain constant over long periods of time. So instead of focusing on “investing in people” in hopes of making these long-lasting bonds, prioritize your love so that whoever you’re with in the moment feels you are giving 100% of your energy and effort. Chances are, you’ll be walking away with very few relationships anyways, so might as well be open and honest in your efforts with everyone when you can (+who knows, maybe these bonds will eventually develop into something long-lasting.)

Cheers to a new school year, a fresh planner, and everyone’s favorite hobby: back to school shopping (we love her)


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